How to Potty Train a French Bulldog: A Comprehensive Guide

Potty Train French Bulldog

Potty training a French Bulldog will not make your house messy and poop everywhere. A French Bulldog can be potty trained just like your child. When Bruno first came to our house, my wife and I started taking care of him like a baby. Potty training sessions may prove difficult at first, take some time, but eventually do.

In this guide I’m going to share our experience, how we properly toilet trained Bruno, how long it took, common challenges and important tips and detailed steps on how to potty train a French Bulldog.

Understanding the Basics of Potty Training

Potty training a French Bulldog indoors is an important process. Continuity in this training is real; you take your French bulldog out of the house or teach them to go to the designated mat when there are signs of urination or defecation. Observe your dog’s body language indoors. You can use a potty command like “Go potty”. Creating effective routines for bathroom breaks treats, or rewarding them with positive behavior is important. Patience and persistence are essential in potty training as it is time-consuming.

7 Steps to Successful Potty Train French Bulldog

Potty Training Your French Bulldog

French Bulldogs need to be trained daily, carefully, and with an understanding of the situation involved. Regardless of age, focus on signs of interest and create a perfect routine.

1. Create a regular routine: You need to stick to consistency in potty training. Set a routine for your dog so that you take him outside at the same time every day. You must ensure potty breaks for them after meals, after waking up, and before going to bed. Sticking to a regular routine will teach your dog when to go outside.

2. Monitor for signs: Monitoring your French Bulldog’s behavior is essential. There are some symptoms by which you will know that your dog wants to potty now. Symptoms include grounding, wheezing, and shivering. As soon as you notice these symptoms, you need to act quickly. It can cause accidents indoors without you being aware of it. 

3. Use a command: Choose a simple word for the potty command that you are happy to say in public. For example, say, “go potty” or “go outside” but I chose “pick a spot”. Remember, additional commands will not help your dog because you are impatient. You need to give your dog a chance to dry around and pick a spot.

4. Choosing the right location: Choose an area where your French Bulldog can relieve itself. It needs to be compatible with grass, litter boxes, and potty mats. When choosing an outdoor location, position your dog in the correct position. Make sure the area you choose is accessible to your dog.

5. Be patient and consistent: Potty training a French Bulldog requires a lot of patience and consistency. Praise and reward your dog when he uses the area in a specific way. You must maintain a positive attitude and avoid punishment for accidents. Instead, clean up calmly and continue training.

6. Introduce Crate Training: Crate training can be much easier than potty training. Crate training gives your dog a designated area – a “den” where they can learn to control their bladder. It is also important to choose a crate that will allow your dog to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. Gradually introduce its proper use to your Frenchie by leaving it inside for short periods of time when you can’t supervise them. Increase crate training time over time.

7. Clean Accidents: Potty training success depends on cleaning up accidents properly. When you encounter an accident, quickly absorb urine or pick up solid waste with paper towels or sanitary cloths. Regular household cleaners may not remove odors, so opt for enzymatic cleaners instead. This breaks down the organic compounds, preventing your Frenchie from returning to the same area. After cleaning, take your dog to the potty area and praise them when they use it. As a result, they will choose that spot over potty time.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Potty Training French Bulldog?

There are some common mistakes to avoid in potty training your French Bulldogs. Here are some common things to avoid:

  • Punishing potty misbehavior: When you train your French Bulldog, remember that it’s okay to make mistakes. Bad behavior regarding your pet after an accident could scare them. This could make them more likely to trip and injure themselves. Provide your pet with good things when they do what you want. Carry on this way.
  • Leaving behind signs (and smells) of an internal accident: If you don’t clean up the spot where the accident happened well, your French Bulldog may start going back to that spot over and over to feel better. It’s important to use an enzyme-based cleaner that gets rid of all smells so that people don’t do it again. This method helps keep the area clean and trains your dog at the same time.
  • Ignoring a big bathroom problem:  Accidents like peeing or defecating inside the house regularly could be a sign of a bigger health problem in your French Bulldog. If your dog is having problems with house training that don’t seem normal, you might want to talk to a trained veterinarian. Asking a vet about possible underlying problems that could be causing this behavior will help you figure out how to best deal with the problem.

How long does it take to Potty Train Frenchie?

Potty Train Frenchie

The process of potty training a French Bulldog needs consistency and effort. While every dog shows its own unique features, the following are some results based on personal experience:

  • Duration: Our Frenchie puppy, Bruno, was completely potty-trained in about six months. At just nine months of age, he got a high level of confidence in his training.
  • Age Indicator: A French Bulldog puppy’s age should be considered seriously when learning to use the toilet. An estimate of the puppy’s urination time in hours can be calculated by adding one to its age in months. 
  • Persistence Matters: French Bulldogs are not the most hard dog to train, but they are not the easiest either. Potty training can be tough to understand for some people for up to eight months. Keep patience and courage; your dog is not attempted to cause you any difficulties.

When is my Frenchie ready for Potty Training?

Potty training your French Bulldog requires observing their behavior and watching for certain signs. Here are some signs that your Frenchie may be ready:

Body Language: Body language signs that your dog needs to go potty include:

  1. Sniff around: If your dog moves the floor or ground with their nose, this can be a signal.
  2. Loitering: Many dogs tend to loiter in one spot before eliminating themselves.
  3. Leaving Your Sight: Many times dogs will move away from you to find a private space.
  4. Barking: Your French Bulldog’s constant barking may be a sign that they need to relieve themselves.
  5. Nervous behavior: Anxiety, pacing, or nervous walking may mean your dog needs to be outside.
  6. Waiting by the door: If your Frenchie sits or waits by the door, they may signal that it’s time for their potty break.

You need to be patient and steady during potty training. Plan a regular schedule for taking your Frenchie outside or to their designated potty area. In this way, they will quickly recognize their place.

Should I use Pee Pads for My Frenchie?

Pee Pads for My Frenchie

It is a good idea to potty train your French Bulldog with a pee pad. You can use these absorbent pads for your French from indoors. A consistent place should be made for them in your home. If your Frenchie successfully uses the pad, praise and reward them with treats. Plus, you can transition them into potty training indoors or outdoors. You must have patience and understanding to carry out following the fixed time schedule and this consistency. Remember, accidents will happen, but your furry companion will gradually learn where to go.


Q1: How often do French Bulldogs need to go potty?

French bulldogs have small bladders, so they need frequent potty breaks. As a general rule, multiply their age in months by one to determine how long they can hold their urine. For example, a 3-month-old Frenchie can keep it for 4 hours. Be prepared for more frequent outings during training.

Q2: Are French Bulldogs easy to potty train?

French Bulldogs take some time to potty train. Although they are not the most challenging breed nor are they the fastest learners. Some French Bulldogs can take up to 8 months to learn specific areas. Your patience and calm consistency are essential during this process.

Q3: What techniques work best for French Bulldog potty training?

Consistent potty breaks, positive attitude, understanding cues, use of commands and accident preparation are crucial to a successful French Bulldog potty training exercise.

Q4: How do I stop my French Bulldog from peeing in the house?

Try to understand the French Bulldog’s body language, establish a routine and praise them enthusiastically when they pee outside. Crate training is perfect for them so they can learn to control their bladder. Clean thoroughly to prevent quick lingering odors if you urinate indoors.

Q5: At what age should I begin potty training my French Bulldog?

To start potty training your Frenchie, it’s recommended between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks old. This is an ideal period to introduce your puppy to the basics of potty training because, at this age, they show better control over their bladder and bowel movements.

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