Top 10 Most Expensive French bulldogs: You Must Know

Most Expensive French bulldogs

The most expensive French Bulldog always attracts dog lovers. If you are a dog lover who wants to own a French bulldog but is surprised by the high prices of these adorable pups? The French bulldog is especially known for their charming personality and unique appearance. But do you know why French bulldogs are the most expensive?

Just a few years ago, French Bulldogs were not so popular, but now they are highly sought after, and people want them. A lot of People are willing to pay a high price to bring one of these cute dogs. On the other hand, some French Bulldogs can be very expensive because of their origins, how rare they are, or something else that makes them special. 

If you want to buy a French Bulldog but don’t understand why some of them cost so much, this article will help. Here, we’ll talk about the most expensive French Bulldogs and what makes them special. There is a lot of information here for everyone, whether they are a dog lover or just want to know why these puppies are so expensive.

History of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs have been popular there since the 1800s. People who own this dog know it well because it is pretty and friendly. English aristocrats brought small bulldogs to France to house pets. To make the current French Bulldog, these English bulldogs were bred with terriers and pugs from the area. They were loved right away because they had bat ears and soulful eyes, and they became a sign of the way people dress in Parisian cafés. In addition to the French, people from all over the world, like artists, writers, and fashion stars, wanted to be with them. People love the smart and friendly French Bulldog. In any situation, they make you look sleek and classy.

Why are French Bulldogs so Expensive?

French Bulldogs are popular pets because they look nice and enjoy playing. People from all over the world love these dogs because they are friendly and can function in a variety of settings. French Bulldogs are loving pets that can be found in many homes. They are such playful dogs that it’s simple to tell how they’re feeling by looking at them. Dog owners could decide to buy one after seeing one in action. The hair on some pretty French Bulldogs is pied, brindle, or fawn.

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Top 10 Most Expensive French Bulldogs

Price and difficulty in getting French Bulldogs make them very popular. “Top 10 Most Expensive French Bulldogs” has some of the best French Bulldogs on it. Within the French Bulldog group, these unique puppies are very expensive because they are very hard to find and fancy.

1. Isabella French Bulldogs



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Most expensive and extremely rare breed of French Bulldog is the Isabella Frenchie. These dogs have chocolate patches on their silver bodies. They have blue and brown genes in them. Even prettier are their gorgeous eyes, which frequently have a blue and green hue to them. Genetic selection is crucial to breeding for the Isabella hue and merle pattern, and it can cost anywhere from $6000 to $12,000.

Breeders spend time and money raising them because they have beautiful light eyes and a wide range of colors. Popular demand is also growing. To keep the unique traits of Isabella Frenchies, they plan to use careful breeding. Because they have complicated breeding, hair color, and eye color, people want to own them as pets. Isabella French Bulldogs are wanted by families and dog lovers because they are rare and have a unique look.

2. Merle French Bulldogs

Most Expensive Merle French Bulldogs

People like the way Merle French Bulldogs look, but their hair is bad for their health. A lot of people have issues with their skin, eyesight, and hearing. It is possible to have double Merle puppies if you breed two Merle French Bulldogs that share the same marker. Poor health, like not being able to see or hear, is more likely to happen to these pups. 

Merle French Bulldogs distinguish themselves due to their unique coat styles, which have swirling or mottled fur in various hues. Although hardly many Frenchies have this gene, this breed shares the Merle gene with Great Danes and Australian Shepherds. The reason for their high price range, which often falls between $5500 and $7500, is their exceptional appearance and difficulty in finding. Because of this, breeders and collectors find them appealing.

3. Fluffy French Bulldog


Fluffy French Bulldogs are appreciated for their long, velvety fur. Very rare and costly. They intentionally crossed Pomeranians and Chow Chows for their coat texture. Unfortunately, these adorable pups cost $10,000–$12,000. Potential owners must measure the cost of these adorable pets against their health and breeding issues.

Bulldog breeders select dogs for coat and health. The rarity of this puppy makes it pricey. Adopters should be aware these dogs may be sick. Trustworthy breeders care about dog health. Healthy and happy pets in loving homes are more attractive.

4. Sable French Bulldogs

Most Expensive Sable French Bulldogs

People know Sable French Bulldogs as a special breed because their bodies are speckled with white hairs that end in dark points. Very few of them exist, and the ones that cost between $4,000 and $10,000 are a mix of colors like fawn, chocolate, and blue sable. People who breed Sable French Bulldogs have to be very careful so that the dogs keep their unique look. The fact that they are friendly and playful makes them very popular, but they may have health problems that need extra care.

5. Lilac French Bulldogs

Lilac French Bulldogs

Lilac French Bulldogs are worldwide famous because they are rare, beautiful, and expensive. Their coat color really stands out because of the beautiful chocolate and blue genetic marks on it. They are famous because they are friendly, playful, and smart. Because they are so rare and have to go through a strict breeding process to get their color, French Bulldogs are very expensive. Approximately $6,500 to $10,000.

They are cute because they have soft muzzles and eyes that are different colors. You can easily spot this breed because their colors often go together. Get these dogs from parents you can trust to make sure they are real and healthy. In the future, Look into the breed, how much they cost, and the methods used for breeding before buying a Lilac French Bulldog. This will allow you to enjoy this beautiful breed and support fair breeding.

6. Black and Tan French Bulldogs

Black and Tan French Bulldogs

Black and Tan French Bulldogs are recognizable by the colors of their coats. In a crowd, these black canines with brown stripes on their legs, chests, and faces stand out. Owing to its rare genetic combination, this color ranges from $4,000 to $6,000.

The purpose of breeding Black and Tan French Bulldogs is to produce dogs with excellent health and appearance. Customers need to be aware of respiratory problems and skin allergies related to the color of their chosen coat. These canines could make devoted friends in caring homes if given the right care.

7. Blue Fawn French Bulldogs

Blue Frawn French Bulldogs

The coat of a blue fawn French Bulldog makes them unusual and pricey. Popular and priced between $5000 and $8,000. By breeding them, a dilution gene responsible for the blue fawn tint is selected. There may be breed-specific health issues with blue-fawn French Bulldogs despite their stunning looks.

In order to maintain the color of their coat, French Bulldogs require rigorous genetic selection. They are desired because of their beauty and uniqueness, but skin and respiratory sensitivities need to be watched out for. These adorable but delicate companions are made all the more alluring by their blue fawn color, high cost, and challenging breeding.

8. Chocolate French Bulldogs

Chocolate French Bulldogs

Chocolate French Bulldogs are a rare and highly valued breed of dog known for its distinctive chocolate-colored coats, which are caused by a weak black gene combined with other color genes. This special way of breeding gives them their rich brown color. Because of this, they are very popular and cost between $3000 and $10,000. For as attractive as they are, future owners should be aware that the difficulty of breeding for this color can cause health problems.

These Chocolate French Bulldogs are unique in more than one way. Families and dog lovers also like them because they are friendly. People like them as pets because their hair is a funky color. You should know how hard it is to breed these dogs and what health problems they might have because of their special genes if you want to adopt one. These breeds will live long and happy lives if you do this.

9. Platinum French Bulldogs

Platinum French Bulldogs

Platinum French Bulldogs are not like other Frenchies because their bodies are silver. An alteration in this gene makes the fur on these dogs look shiny or platinum. It costs between $6,000 and $12,000 to buy a silver dog because they are hard to find and breed effectively. People from all over the world love them because they are friendly and have beautiful coats.

10. Cream French Bulldogs

Cream French Bulldogs

Cream French bulldogs‘ coats are cream or off-white in hue due to a diluted red gene.

 Although they are not as uncommon as some of the other color varieties on this list, cream French bulldogs are nonetheless very expensive, selling for anything from $2500 to $5,500.

 Kids and dog lovers adore them for their friendly and lively personalities as well as their distinctive coat color.


An expensive coat comes in many beautiful colors that make French Bulldogs very popular with dog lovers. The one-of-a-kind Blue Fawn, Chocolate, and Merle patterns are all different. There’s something magical and beautiful about every color. Still, it’s important to know what health issues might come up and how hard it is to breed for these colors. One of a kind, this type of dog can be a loving and loyal pet for people and families if they get the care and attention they need. Before you pick the color version that best fits your wants and budget, you should do a lot of research. Color doesn’t matter here; dogs always keep their owner happy and cheerful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which French Bulldog is the most expensive?

The Isabella color is typically the priciest French Bulldog due to its distinctive purple hue and light eyes. Due to their extreme rarity, Isabella French Bulldogs can fetch prices ranging from $15,000 to $50,000.

What is the rarest French Bulldog in the world?

Pure black French Bulldogs—those without any brindle or other markings—are the most uncommon color. Blue and tan are the next most bizarre colors. These hues are uncommon because unusual genetic pairings are required to produce them.

Are all French Bulldogs expensive?

French Bulldog prices vary because they are popular and expensive to breed. The price depends on coat color, lineage, and breeder.

What is the cheapest French Bulldog?

Pied French Bulldogs—white and another color—are the cheapest. Even within this color group, pedigree, and breeder name affect costs.

What is the French Bulldog’s typical lifespan?

French Bulldogs live 10–12 years. Some French Bulldogs can live up to 14 years with proper care and lifestyle.

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